Vacuum Forming in 1-2-3!

Vacuum Forming in 1-2-3!

At, it’s that easy. We start by turning your idea into a workable design, then use that to make a pattern & prototypes. Once you approve those, it’s production time!

What we can do

What we can do

Do you have an idea for a thermoformable part? Whether it’s teeny-tiny or 6 feet long, chances are FastForming’s skilled American workforce can make it a reality. Check out some of our previous work!

How We’re Different

How We’re Different

Here at FastForming, we’ve spent decades developing a proprietarty tooling system at a far lower cost than industry standards. Less expensive tooling lowers start-up costs!

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Clear Parts

Large Clear Lens (Acrylic), Thermoformed, CNC, Formed

We're currently building a pressurized room reserved exclusively for the production of clear parts. This will allow us to thermoform the smooth, glossy parts our customers have come to depend on even faster!

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Current Customer Thoughts

Awesome! You guys have been great to work with, I really appreciate it.

Aaron (Design Engineer) Willmar Fabrication

I owe you guys a big thanks for making all those modifications and getting us 5 sets of parts out so quickly! We were very happy to stumble upon a quick turn thermoforming vendor, your prices were very reasonable and the first articles are great.

Bryan (Mechanical Designer) Daedalus, Inc.

Popular Applications

Vacuum Forming is particularly well-suited for making trays, covers/guards, and Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays. In fact, they're probably our most-popular requests!

Magnetic Gear Organization Tray (ABS/Green Paint), Thermoformed, CNC
Covers & Guards, HDPE, Thermoformed, CNC
Literature rack, ABS, PETG, Thermoform