Stacked Production 300x200 - Step 3: Production

With the permanent tool in hand, it’s time to start forming. Just like we do with tooling, FastForming also makes all of its own thermoforming machines. These custom machines can extract heated sheet plastic from the attached ovens, position it over the Reedy tool, and form your part – all in two seconds! This both speeds up the production process and gives FastForming the ability to vacuum form many parts that other manufacturers would have to pressure form.

After forming, our skilled workforce is responsible for trimming the part. For that job, they use a variety of saws, blades, and sanders to remove any excess plastic around the edges of the part. Packing in Box 300x200 - Step 3: ProductionThen, all that’s left is to clean, polish, and package your finished product. All of this activity takes place inside America’s boarders by citizens and legal residents. That means you can be proud of your part – ethically produced right here in the USA.

How long does the 1-2-3 process take? Well, that will obviously vary based on the size and complexity of your order, but a simple order can be in the mail in as little as two or three days!

What do you do?  Receive your order!

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