Haas GR510 300x200 - Vacuum Forming in 1-2-3!The first step in the design process is establishing a digital 3D modelof your idea. To do this, FastForming can either import an existing design or use the sketches, measurements, and descriptions you share with us to develop one for you. Using modeling technology this way facilitates communication by allowing you to analyze the object from every angle. We make sure that your design is exactly what you had in mind before we begin.

Once the design meets your criteria, we use SolidCAM to generate the tool paths that will cut your pattern on either our Haas GR510 Gantry or our Quintax QT-40 Twin-Table 5-Axis CNC Machine. By importing solid models directly and cutting the pattern by machine, we minimize human error and increase accuracy. Doing it all in-house siHand on Mouse 300x200 - Vacuum Forming in 1-2-3!gnificantly reduces lead times.

The last design element FastForming will help you with is material selection. Each thermoformable plastic has unique properties, from obvious characteristics like strength and durability to more application-specific variations like light transmittance or resistance to UV degradation. FastForming works with them all, and our specialists will help you select best material for both your budget and your application.

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