Vacuum forming is an excellent alternative to pressure forming, rotational molding, and injection molding in many cases. Here at FastForming and Sandel Products, the synergy of our proprietary tooling, custom machinery, and years of experience results in quality vacuum-formed parts.

Our customers choose thermoforming for three main reasons:Plastic Pellets 300x200 - How We're Different

1. Speed

By doing all of our pattern-making and tooling in-house, FastForming is able to produce prototypes in just days! We accomplish this feat by coupling traditional methods with new materials, and by utilizing the latest CNC technology for generating complex irrational shapes. Other methods require weeks or even months to complete!

2. Flexibility

Our custom-made thermoforming machines are able to remove plastic from the oven and onto the tool in approximately two seconds. This means that we can vacuum form parts other companies would have to pressure form to produce including parts made of high temperature, thin-gauge material.

3. Affordability

Utilizing our proprietary epoxy-based tooling system allows us to offer tooling at very competitive prices in a fraction of the time required to create aluminum thermoform tooling. Our tooling is also far less expensive than tools for rotational molding and injection molding. Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our proprietary tools, potentially saving you thousands.

Please keep in mind that designing for the process is critical to the success of your project, so our expert engineers are always happy to assist with whatever design adjustments necessary to produce quality parts.


Is thermoforming the best choice for my project?

Contact our engineers to find out!